Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Marriage Study Guide

Three Types of Love

Pre-Christian Motives for Marriage

Compare and Contrast Christ’s view of marriage with that held by his contemporaries
a. Divorce was permissable
b. Contract vs. Covenant

Understand how a Christian Marriage is intended to be a “Reflection of Divine Love”
- The covenant of spouses is a mirror of the Covenant God made with mankind.
- This covenant is based on all three types of love
What are the three effects of the Sacrament of Marriage:
1. Perfects Human Love
2. Strengthens the Indissolubility of the Bond
3. Provides the Grace needed to be spouses & parents
Though these gifts are given initially at the wedding, they are renewed each day of the marriage.

The Celebration of Marriage (Wedding in the context of Mass)
A. Procession – in whatever order, it is a symbol of the Journey to God and draws attention to the fact that marriage is a means of sanctification of the spouses.
B. Liturgy of the Word – readings following the same format used at mass (Old Testament, Psalm, Epistle, Gospel). All of the readings reflect God’s plan for married love and the reflection of divine love found in the context of marriage.
C. Questions – to ensure the bride and groom are freely entering into marriage and understand what the mind of the Church is in regard to marriage.
D. Exchange of Consent (Vows) making a promise to be faithful for life
E. Exchange of Rings – a sign of permanent love and fidelity
F. Intercessions / Petitions
G. Liturgy of the Eucharist (with special NUPTIAL BLESSING before the sign of peace)
H. Cultural Rites
a. Taking flowers to the altar of the Blessed Virgin
b. joining with a double Rosary
c. Jumping the Broom
d. exchange of coins
e. binding wrists or draping with a tartan
f. the “unity candle”

Sexuality & Marriage
1. Unitive
2. Procreative

Opposition to Cohabitation
Temptation to Fornication
Violation of Chastiy
“Training for Divorce”

Opposition to Birth Control in All Forms
1. Barriers
2. Chemical / Hormone
3. Behaviors
4. Surgeries
Humanae Vitae - Pope Paul VI
Evangelium Vitae – Pope John Paul II
Love & Responsibility – Pope John Paul II

When Things Fall Apart
annulment vs. divorce - how are they different?

Ad Jesum per Mariam,
Mr. B