Monday, February 4, 2008

Unit 2 - Sacrifice

Before moving into our second full-fledged unit we will stop and examine a few Chapters from Fr. William Miscamble's collection of homilies given at the University of Notre Dame, entitled Keeping the Faith, Making a Difference.

We will then take a brief, but systematic look at the sacrifices that are part of any given vocation.

Before doing all of that, however, I would like to set you to work on your project for Unit 3, Formation. Simply stated, every vocation has responsibilities, and one must be prepared by education and experience to take on a responsibility. Therefore, every vocation is preceded by formation.

Rather than teach the unit myself, we will be breaking up the various vocations and you will be presenting on the formation for one specific vocation - while taking good notes as your peers present as well.

Helpful links can be found in the sidebar - please note that if you are studying single life I am yet to add these, but will do so shortly.

Ad Jesum per Mariam,
Mr. B

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