Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Unit 2 - Sacrifice

That we should embrace sacrifice as part of our vocation is rather foreign to us. Society tells us that we should direct all of our efforts to what makes us happy here and now. Delaying or denying satisfaction is not valued very highly.

So why, then, does every vocation involve sacrifice? Doesn't God want us to be happy?

Ultimately, yes He does, but knowing that sacrifice is salvific (that is, it aids us in our salvation), he calls us to imitate his Son who was the ultimate sacrifice for humanity.

Numerous times Jesus calls us to sacrifice in the Gospels.

Examine two of the following passages and write a paragraph answer the following questions:
1. Where is the call to sacrifice in this passage?
2. Who is Jesus calling to sacrifice?
3. How does the call relate to those living the life of discipleship in this, or any age?

6:19-21 Real Treasure
6:24 – You cannot serve both God and Wealth
8:18-22 Let the dead bury the dead. (the importance of dropping everything to follow Jesus)
10:37-39 The Conditions of Discipleship
16:24-48 More Conditions of Discipleship
19:1-12 Teaching on Celibacy
19:16-30 Giving up Everything
25:14-30 The parable of the talent

8:34-38 Conditions of Discipleship
9:33-37 Taking the Lowest Place among society
10:17-31 the Rich Young Man
12:41-44 The Poor Widow (sacrifice even when you have little)

5:1-11 Calling of Disciples
6:27-36 The importance of giving freely
9:23-26 Conditions of Discipleship
9:46-48 The least are the greatest
9:59-62 Would-be followers of Christ
12:13-15 Against Greed
12:16-21 Treasures in Heaven
12:22-34 Treasures in Heaven pt. 2
13:22-30 The Narrow Door
18:18-23 The Rich Official
18:24-30 Renounce Riches
21:1-4 The Poor Widow

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