Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Unit 3 - Formation

We have finally undertaken our Formation project.

Every vocation has responsibilities and duties associate with it. In order to be prepared to undertake these responsibilities we go through a process of education and experience known as formation.

Your project is to first examine some Church documents regarding formation, then look to some real-life examples of how that formation takes place. You will put your findings together in a brief lesson and powerpoint presentation to share with the class.

Use the links at the left to assist you in your research.

The Lesson Plan should include the following areas:

Aspects of Formation
Length / Stages of Formation
Director(s) of Formation
Location of Formation
Goals of the Formation

The lesson should include a handout for members of the class highlighting the main points above. There should also be reflection questions for discussion.

You will need to consult the appropriate ecclesial documents for reference, as well as a variety of other sources (4 - 6 total).

Final product should be a power point presentation of 12 to 15 slides (max 20) to present the above material to your peers.

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